about marc bhalla

marc bhalla (he/him) [biracial] is a mediator, arbitrator + trainer who specializes in conflict management + dispute resolution.

he has been affiliated with elia associates professional corporation, barristers + solicitors since 2002.

marc is based in toronto, canada + practices online.

  • he has been practicing dispute resolution for a living since 2005
  • marc earned a master of laws (ll.m.) in dispute resolution from osgoode hall law school
  • he holds the most senior designation available to practicing mediators in canada; the chartered mediator (c.med) designation
  • marc also holds international + domestic arbitrator designations
  • he has extensive pre-pandemic experience with online dispute resolution

click here to learn more about marc's experience + qualification.


about 456dr

this website was created + is maintained by marc bhalla.

it pulls together marc's initiatives in practice, in training + in giving back to the field.

beyond the surface, there is an array of symbolism behind the memorable name + minimal key strokes required to access everything related to marc's work.

  • 456dr means 456 dispute resolution
  • the 456 part means next level... beyond the basics
  • 456dr is a secure website (see the lock at the top left of your browser)
  • this site is available as both a .ca + .com
  • 456dr is updated frequently. it launched january 01, 2021

* marc bhalla completed osgoode's 2-year master of laws program in 456 days. also, episodes 4, 5 + 6 are the best star wars films


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