marc bhalla (he/him) [biracial] is a mediator, arbitrator + trainer who specializes in conflict management + dispute resolution. he is affiliated with elia associates professional corporation, barristers + solicitors.

marc is based in toronto, canada + practices online.

  • he has been practicing dispute resolution for a living since 2005
  • marc earned a master of laws (ll.m.) in dispute resolution from osgoode hall law school
  • he holds the most senior designation available to practicing mediators in canada - designation
  • marc also holds international + domestic arbitrator designations
  • he has extensive pre-pandemic experience with online dispute resolution

Hons.B.A., LL.M.(DR), C.Med, Q.Arb, MCIArb, CCI (Hon's)

the alphabet that often follows marc's name highlights what qualifies him as a conflict resolution specialist.

marc holds designations provided by the adr institute of canada that independently verify his expertise + skill.

the chartered mediator ( designation is the highest designation offered to practicing mediators in canada. marc has held it since 2016. this also confirms his ethical commitment and insurance coverage.

marc holds both international + domestic arbitrator designations, from the chartered institute of arbitrators + the adr institute of canada.

marc earned a master of laws degree in dispute resolution from osgoode hall law school.

he received an executive certficiate in conflict management from the univeristy of windsor's faculty of law.

marc also completed interpersonal mediation training at st. stephen's community house + new york university's e-commerce program.

he attained a perfect score of 100% in the adr institute of canada's arbitration course + completed osgoode hall law school's advanced decision writing course.

marc attended to undergraduate studies at the university of toronto's prestigious trinity college, where he served as the head of arts + science.

as a testament to marc's experience and education, he is a sought after speaker + has had over 100 articles published.

marc has been affiliated with the law firm known as elia associates since 2002.

he has hands-on experience helping people from all walks of life address a wide range of disputes.


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