what information we collect

this website uses a number of forms to gather information from individuals interested in marc bhalla's practice, training or giving back initiatives. this includes indications of interest in engaging marc's services + subscribing to receive future communications about such.

the contact information of those expressing interest is requested from time to time.

why we collect the information that we collect

we collect the information that we request through the forms offered on this website to address inquiries + arrange for the provision of services. contact information is requested to communnicate about such.

what we do with the information we collect

we keep the information that we collect to maintain service quality standards + to record those with interest in the informaiton and services provided through this website.

your options

you are always welcome to opt-out of our records + communications. at any time, you can request that we delete the information that you have provided us from our records. while you will only be added to a mailing list of our's if you subscribe to such, every communication we send you will include the option to unsubscribe to future communications.

we are only interested in communicating with those who welcome our communications + will make every effort to immediately cease any unwelcome contact from us.