as you navigate this website, you may notice that a quote appears at the bottom of each page.

some quotes are textbook dispute resolution quotes. some are more contemporary + creative in their application in this context.

this site offers something unique for the quotes that come from music. if you see the spotify logo to the right of a quote, give it a click and you will access the song the quote is from.

clean versions of songs with explicit lyrics are offered + links are not provided for songs that are part of compilations considered targeted at children or for novelty purposes.

why are you doing this?

because we can. marc knows a little html + thought it would be fun.

what if i am not on spotify?

that is your choice and totally fine. in no way is marc in cahoots with spotify.

the link will offer you some further information about the song that it is from should you wish to check it out wherever you stream your music.

please enjoy this site quirk if you like or feel free to ignore it entirely. you need not even speak of it or acknowledge that you have even seen this.

let's move on...

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