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in his practice, marc bhalla offers a complete set of dispute resolution services - from mediation that brings conflicting parties together to work through their issues to arbitration where he provides a binding decision to provide closure.

marc believes in flexible, creative and efficient processes. he does his best to accommodate busy schedules and leverage technology to make participation easy.

marc is experienced working with both represented and self-represented parties in a wide variety of disputes.

he is a big believer in flexible dispute resolution processes and is open to finding paths to addressing conflict that suit the unique participants involved in the particular dispute at hand.

traditionally, dispute resolution took place in-person; today, dispute resolution takes place online.

with the prominence + popularity of communicating through technology in this day and age, dispute resolution processes have naturally shifted online.

while marc is often viewed as an early adopter of online dispute resolution (odr) - having expanded his practice online on january 1, 2016 - he is quick to point out that odr has actually been around since the mid-1990's.

if you catch a talk of marc's on odr, 90's popular culture references and/or props are common.

the onset of covid-19 in north america in 2020 required many traditional dispute resolution processes to move online. marc refers to this transition as "the great acceleration" - as the natural evolution of dispute resolution online was accelerated by the inability to safely gather in-person during the pandemic.

while many mediators, arbitrators + other dispute resolution practitioners scrambled to get comfortable taking their practices online at the start of this decade, marc is one of just a handful who was ready, willing + able to facilitate online processes, having already had experience doing so.

marc offers a variety of tools + platforms to address conflict online... from zoom + teams to text + email.

in getting acquainted with dispute resolution theory, you will likely come across the name frank sander.

in 1976, professor sander famously introduced the concept of the "multi-door courthouse" at the pound conference and coined the now popular notion that we should "fit the forum to the fuss".

all of this jargon is to say that dispute resolution should be flexible.

a one-size-fits-all solution does not really work when you consider the different circumstances, people and dynamics involved in conflict.

a selling point of dispute resolution like mediation and arbitration - for decades - has been the flexibility they offer.

an experienced, creative and capable process facilitator is required to explore and contemplate options.

marc bhalla is all about customizing dispute resolution to suit his clients.


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