do you offer flat rates for arbitration?

i try to but it is not always possible. ultimately, it comes down to how much of my time is needed.

when parties can work together + agree on a process for the arbitration, i can often quote the full cost of an arbitration + stick to it.

if i am needed to guide the process by deciding for parties how it will occur, unforeseen additional time can be required of me. while i always try to offer my clients cost certainty with all of my dispute resolution services, this is not always possible when significant time is required to address matters that were not expected at the outset. that said, there are ways to streamline unexpected issues to allow arbitration to move forward + i tend to try to embrace them to minimize extra costs.

if the cost of an arbitration is a concern for you, i suggest expressing this to your arbitrator early on to explore what procedural efficiencies may be available.



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