how do i retain you to arbitrate my dispute?

to arbitrate a matter, i need to be appointed as the arbitrator of the dispute. there are different ways to do this...

the most common is for the parties involved in the dispute to agree to my appointment as arbitrator. i require an agreement to arbitrate signed + a deposit to move forward. if you let me know who the parties to the dispute are, i can run a conflict search to ensure i can get involved. if so, i can provide my form of arbitration agreement for the parties to complete + can make myself available to help finalize the agreement, as needed. from there, a schedule would be set to move ahead with the process.

on other occasions, i am pre-appointed by parties to arbitrate a matter in the event a dispute arises. this is often the set-up with parties who have an ongoing relationship, like two condomiums that share facilities. the path to dispute resolution is established in advance. it can be exercised in the event an issue arises that cannot be resolved without help.

another way to appoint me as arbitrator is to apply to court for my appointment. this is often the most costly + time consuming way of appointing me to arbitrate a matter; however, on some occasions it is the only way that an arbitration is able to proceed.



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