what is the minimum amout worth arbitrating?

$1 that is totally a "price is right" answer :)

the fact is that arbitration has a reputation of being expensive. several big name arbitrators make six figures annually off their cancellation fees alone. what is important to keep in mind is the principle of proportionality. a matter is only worth arbitrating if the cost of the process makes sense for the dispute.

big stakes arbitration involving disputes over millions of dollars can cost more than small value issues, but that does not mean that arbitration is not available to address even the lowest value disputes.

a key consideration in most of the work i do surrounds how the conflict at hand fits into the big picture.

i get involved in the arbitration of disputes over a wide range of issues + values. this includes disputes over what isolated would be fairly low end issues.

consider the shared facilities committee of a condominium complex unable to agree on one particular issue before them. it may account for a fraction of their annual budget, barely approaching five figure. it does not make sense to spent five figures on a decision maker to address the conflict, but arbitration does not have to be that formal, lengthy or expensive. as with other dispute resolution process, there can be flexibility.

what is important in addressing this question is for the cost of the arbitration process to make sense for the value + significance of the dispute. 

i can usually make it work.



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