can self-represented parties participate in med-arb?

yes. though not all practitioners agree with me, i believe in offering equal access to my services to everyone - regardless of whether or not they have legal representation.

a hesitation around this surrounds what is known as "informed consent" - in other words, knowing what you are getting yourself into. when a party is self-represented, they might not have as much familiarity about concepts such as med-arb in comparison to those who learned about it in school.

that said, i do not believe that we should assume that all legal representatives studied med-arb in school or that someone who is representing themselves will not understand it. it is important for anyone getting involved in the process to understand it. hence this blog, which allows anyone with questions to anonymously send them my way + learn from the inquiries of others... to gain a better understanding of what med-arb is + consider if it is right for you.



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