mediation is a process that brings together those in conflict to let them work together to address it.

5 Stepsunlike going in front of a third party decision maker to impose an outcome, mediation offers those directly involved in a dispute the chance to decide their own outcome.

this can allow for creative resolutions that can be more sustainable, comfortable + practical.

it can also allow non-legal aspects of an issue - like ongoing relationships - to be taken into account.

unlike traditional negotiation, the mediation process is facilitated by a third party - the mediator - who does not have an interest in any particular outcome + helps consider the resolution of the matter in a way that meets the interests of the parties.

a mediator is not a lawyer. 

the mediator can often add value by having experience in this subject matter of the conflict.

mediation itself can occur with self-represented parties, with the involvement of legal representation or a mix of both.

marc bhalla is an experienced mediator who holds the most senior designation available to practicing mediators in canada - the chartered mediator ( designation of the adr institute of was bestowed upon him in spring 2016 following marc being designated a qualified mediator ( in 2013.


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