do you still mediate in-person?

the ongoing uncertainty surrounding covid-19 prevents me from offering a set answer to this one, i am sorry to say. the pendulum has swung back + forth on what is appropriate throughout the course of the pandemic.

when it is safe to gather in-person + parties would prefer to meet at the same time + place to mediate, i remain open to it. i have conducted many mediations in-person over the years + am comfortable providing mediation services online or in-person.

that said, i believe it to be of the utmost importance for parties to be as comfortable as possible as they participate in a mediation - i believe that mediation has the best chance of success when that is the case.

in-person gatherings in this day + age risk all sorts of discomfort that could stand in the way of mediation being effective. i am not convinced that parties getting into debates about mask wearing, appropriate distancing + vaccination status help the mediation process. in my experience, it is usually better to mediate online. that said, if conflicting parties can agree around the parameters for an in-person mediation, i am certainly open to considering taking it on.



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