how can i get the mediator on my side?

mediators are netural + impartial. they cannot impose an outcome. the role of the mediator is to help generate options, challenge positions + develop an understanding of how underlying interests at the table can practically be addressed. if you focus on getting the mediator "on your side" rather than working with others involved in your dispute, you risk failing to make the most out of the mediation opportunity.

to make the most of the opportunity mediation presents to resolve conflict, it is important that you are comfortable working with your mediator + can trust them.

you should feel that you can share something private with the mediator + trust them not to tell others involved in your dispute.

you should be able to tell your mediator what you would like to achieve out of mediation, so they can try to help you get it.

you should be able to inform your mediator of any concerns that you have about the process or those taking part in it.

your mediator can help you in many ways but their role is not to side with anyone, including you.



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