i would like you to mediate, what are my next steps?

typically, there are 2 key next steps to take...

(1) suggesting mediation to others involved in the dispute + proposing me as the mediator*

(2) identifying those involved in the dispute to me, so i can run a conflict search + ensure i can help

*some situations already have guidelines in place around proposing mediation + mediator selection. it may be worth checking first.

once the parties agree to have me mediate + i confrm that i can get involved, we would communicate about the duration of the mediation + scheduling.

i then provide my agreement to mediate to be signed, along with a retainer account.

i only consider myself formally engaged once the agreement to mediate has been signed + retainer arrangements are made.

that being said, i am available to field any questions about myself or the mediation process at any time, please feel free to contact me.


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