is a mediator a lawyer?

no. some mediators are trained as lawyers + many have law degrees (like i have a master of laws in dispute resolution) but the job of a lawyer + the job of a mediator are very different.

in mediation, there is no right or wrong. there is no win or lose. the mediator offers no opinion + has no authority to determine an outcome.

knowledge of the law can be important. experience + empathy are key attributes of a good mediator.

what makes someone a good mediator is not at all the same as what makes one a good lawyer. this is not to say that someone cannot be both. there are several good mediators who also happen to be lawyers (think of them like deion sanders, the athlete who excelled professionally at both football + baseball).

being a lawyer does not qualify one to mediate; designations to mediate, education in dispute resolution + experience in the role of mediator are what you should look for in a mediator.



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