is mediating online as good as mediating in-person?

no. it is better.

some might say that there is nothing quite like an in-person connection. that seeing first hand the impact of your words + actions on another allow you to better understand them. that momentum can be built with everyone present in the moment, in the same time + place.

i believe that in-person mediation is better than mediting online, in a very small number of cases. online mediation is often more comfortable to participate in. it is also cheaper + easier.

what i like most about online mediation is the reach technology offers. i do not mean overcoming geographic distance or scheduling hurdles, though i have had many mediations where the online option has done just that. i mean the power of what we have available to us when we mediate online. the information at our fingertips. the comfort of familiar surroundings (and snacks). the ease in which i can create all sorts of breakout room permutations without having to worry about the square footage of a room or if sound travels through the walls.

most of us use technology as our primary means of communications these days. it only makes sense that we resolve our disputes through our primary means of communication.



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