what are the benefits of mediating online?

the biggest is value for your time + money.

when you mediate in-person, time + cost is incurred travelling to the mediation location.

during the mediation itself, when private meetings (caucus) take place, the mediator physically has to move between breakout rooms. while this helps the mediator get their "steps in" for the day, the practical reality is that mediation time is wasted.

you get more from your mediator when the process is conducted online as the technology utilized allows them to spend more time mediating.

beyond the value proposition, online mediation can provide greater comfort + be more robust than traditional, in-person mediation. consider how easy it is to share documents during a video conference, that you can participate from familiar surroundings + how it can often be easier to take steps to address a conflict with a layer of physical separation between you + those you find yourself in conflict with.

increasingly, i find my clients are more comfortable communicating through technology than "the old-fashioned way". it has simply become a way of life.

there is also an enormous convenience factor that makes it much easier for mediation to come together.



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