what are your operating hours?

mediation is usually scheduled for a set duration; a half-day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours). sometimes, if there is momentum as the scheduled time expires, overtime is needed. as a result, i do not really have set operating hours.

traditionally, most mediations start at 10am or 1pm. i have conducted evening mediations + mediations that have started at unique times. it really comes down to the availability of participants.

while mediation can always be split into a series of events, each with a lesser duration, when mediation is scheduled to take place all at once, as a live + synchronous process - even for just a half-day - i limit myself to one engagement per day. this is for the preservation of my own mental health + to offer my clients flexibility if more time than scheduled is needed.

when you view my availability calendar + see a day available for a mediation, i am available to start at any time that day. traditional hours, business hours, modern bank hours + otherwise. i do not do what i do on a 9-5 basis.


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