what is asynchronous mediation?

it is a form of mediation that is quite different to the traditional method of mediation, where everyone gathers at the same time + place (online or in-person).

asynchronous mediation is a process that has participants take part at their convenience, at different times than others.

this form of mediation evolved from the practice of separating parties during mediation - putting them in "caucus". this is often done during traditional mediation so that parties can consider their options, speak privately + otherwise contemplate next steps. the mediator shuttles back + forth between breakout rooms to convey messages.

asynchronous mediation avoids parties having to wait around while the mediator communicates with others involved in a dispute. the mediator schedules meetings with each party in intervals to move the matter along.

this form of mediation is particularly worth considering when parties experiencing conflict have trouble scheduling a traditional mediation process, do not wish to interact directly with one another or see benefit in having time in between participation events to gather information or advice.

i bill it in the same manner as i do my traditional mediation processes, my time spent on the matter is simply broken up rather than focused over one time + date.


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