why can't you guarantee settlement?

the superficial answer to this question is that the regulations that i have volunteered to subject myself to in this unregulated field do not allow me to promise the resolution of any dispute through mediation. the more meaningful answer is that mediation is all about self-determination, so whether or not a mediation results in settlement is not my call.

my job is to pursue settlement. to help surface the various options available to settle a conflict. i cannot guarantee that a mediation will end in settlement because not all should.

if you are involved in a dispute + are taking part in mediation, my aim is to generate some options for you to consider to resolve your issue. what i cannot do is determine for you if any option i help generate is the right path for you to take. that is ultimately for you to decide. that is what makes mediation safe.

there may be factors unbeknowst to me that make an option outside of settlement more appealing to you. more power to you if that is the case. i want to ensure that you select the option available that is best for you. settlement or not. the notion of settlement rates or mediators bullying parties into accepting an offer miss the point completely. mediation is about self-determination and making the right choice for you.



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