marc bhalla tries to provide clients with cost certainty by providing dispute resolution services on a flat rate basis. this applies to all of his conflict resolution services. 

for mediation, cost is based on the total time scheduled to mediate. marc charges $1750 for a half-day online mediation + $3000 for a full day online mediation. (plus tax.)

for arbitration, cost varies based on the nature + number of issues to be determined, along with the way in which submissions + evidence are provided. arbitration is typically 2-3 times the cost of mediation. that said, marc offers a streamlined online arbitration process that can cost less than $4000, all-in.

flat rates are calculated on time estimates based on marc's hourly rate of $350. they usually result in clients paying less than they would with an hourly rate billing model.

with every service, online offerings are less costly on account of the travel time saved + avoidance of costs associated with meeting space.


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